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Terms & Conditions

Sydney Incognita

These are our terms and conditions for the tours. They are standard rules and list the rights and obligations of the organisor (Sydney Incognita) and the customer. If you have questions, please let us know.

At time of reservation, any type of disability or medical issues must be made known to Sydney Incognita and in how far these may affect your enjoyment of the tour or its enjoyment by others. If you fail to do so at time of reservation, Sydney Incognita remains the right to cancel your tour without any liability on the part of Sydney Incognita.

Sydney Incognita reserves the right, at its discretion, to exclude from or terminate a tour, without refund, anyone who:

  • Is unable to cope with the requirements of the bus or walking tour or who may need or require services of facilities which are not available
  • Fails to comply with the reasonable instructions of Sydney Incognita personnel
  • Engages in illegal or undesirable behaviour or who interferes with the enjoyment of or jeopardises the safety of other tour participants.

Anyone so excluded will be required to disembark at a safe public location, transport from which will be wholly their responsibility.

You agree that Sydney Incognita is released from all liability for, and you agree not to hold Sydney Incognita responsible for the termination of your travel arrangements in accordance with the previous condition, or any decision made by Sydney Incognita or by any service provider who refuses to provide you with special services that are not available or who refuses to carry you by reason of any disability or medical condition.

Every effort is made to deliver tours as listed in the travel agreement, however they are indicative only and no guarantee can be made and no compensation shall be payable in the event of missed connections or amended tours due to unforeseeable change of weather and road conditions. The safety of all passengers is highest priority and Sydney Incognita guarantees compliance with all State and Federal laws. Sydney Incognita shall not be responsible or liable for death or illness/injury to any person. It is the passenger’s responsibility to exercise due diligence and duty of care at all times whilst on tour and to follow directions given by tour driver/guides at all times. Passengers accept all risk associated with tour activities. Any personal items lost or stolen are the responsibility of the passenger.


All prices must have been paid 7 days before the tour date, unless otherwise agreed. Published prices are binding. Exchange rates will be taken on the day of invoicing using the day exchange rate of OANDA. Types of payment: bank transfer, credit card (Masters and Visa, 3% surcharge) or cash (on agreement).


Customer cancellation up to and including 14 days prior to tour: free of

Customer cancellation between 13-7 days before tour date: 50% per person

Customer cancellation between 6 and 3 days before tour date: 75% per person

Customer cancellation within 48 hours of tour date: 100% per person

Cancellations by Sydney Incognita due to weather or traffic conditions or by third parties will result in a full refund or an alternative date or tour of equal value.

Privacy laws: all personal details will be collected for the tour only and will stay with Sydney Incognita. They will only be disclosed to third parties in an emergency or if required by law.

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